Join us Sundays for the CPA Open House

20170305_153454Resistance Open House this SUNDAY

These informal gatherings will take place every Sunday for the foreseeable future. Sometimes we need to take action, sometimes we just need to reconnect and recharge. Our weekly Open House will be the place to do that.

WHAT: Open House – informal gathering, beverages are welcome!
WHEN: Sundays 2-4pm (come and go as you please)
WHERE: 1808 West 103rd Street, ring the bell, upstairs
WHY: Turpin’s office is big with lots of meeting space. We’ll take action on whatever is urgent at the moment. That might include sign-making, letter-writing, phone-calling, whatever seems appropriate. If there’s nothing urgent happening (hard to imagine), we’ll bond, energize, knit, and so on.

These open houses won’t take the place of our monthly meetings. They will support the meetings and provide a space to gather and to take action for those who choose to participate. We’ll continue to do these for as long as they are necessary. (That’s a scary thought…) Hope to see you next Sunday and every Sunday thereafter!