Activist self-care sessions led by Beverly Psychotherapists. Enroll!

selfcareOne of the beautiful things since the results of the last presidential election has been the way in which people and communities have come together to stand up for one another and for what they believe in. But activism can also feel exhausting and isolating, and the sheer magnitude of the work that needs to be done can feel overwhelming and even hopeless. Mirjam Quinn and Lisa Catania, psychotherapists in private practice, are both offering support groups for any of our fellow political activists who may be struggling with figuring out how to balance the energy and power that activism requires with the self-care and downtime that we need in order to
remain emotionally healthy.  Resilience, self-care, a sense of humor/camaraderie and optimism are qualities that are critical to thriving in the face of difficulty.

Lisa Catania, LCSW:  I will be hosting 1 closed group of 8-10 people every other week on Mondays, 7:15pm-8:45pm, at my office, Beverly Therapists 10725 S. Western, 2nd Floor.  (Closed means that it will be a set, consistent group with regular ongoing participation.  Every 2 months we will reevaluate commitment to continue and possible openings for new members.) Group will include time to vent; support and affirmation for each other’s individual hopes/struggles/fears; self-care; and camaraderie as we find ways to forge ahead.  I am passionate about peaceful change and will bring meditation into group sessions if the group is interested. This is intended to be a support group, and not a therapy group.  Nominal fee of $10/group.  Dates will be set during registration.  Call Lisa at 773-719-1751.

Mirjam Quinn, PhD: I will be hosting 1 closed group of 8-10 people every other week on Wednesdays, 5 – 6 p.m. at my office, located at 10522 S. Cicero Ave, Suite 401 in Oak Lawn. Closed means that group membership will be set ahead of time, and that group members are asked to commit to attending each meeting; this will help in developing a cohesive, continuous group conversation. Please also note that this is not intended as a therapy group. We will focus on sharing, support, and self-care. Nominal fee of $10/meeting. Dates will be set during registration. Please call Mirjam at 773-474-9840 if you have any questions.