Southland Immigration Weekly News and Links, April 23, 2017

A weekly list of news stories, events and resources concerning immigration and immigrant communities in the Chicago Southland.  April 23rd, 2017.

1) Dick Durbin on Sanctuary Cities.  

“I wish that Attorney General Sessions, as well as members of the Trump administration, would do what I have done, sit down with the police chiefs, ask them point blank, ‘What is the most important thing we can do to maintain law and order and to cooperate with the people who are responsible for keeping our community safe?’” Durbin said.

“And they will tell you that this notion of threatening those who are here undocumented is going to cut off sources of information which people use every day in police departments to keep us safe.

“If you want to have a law-and-order presidency, speak to the police departments and chiefs who have this responsibility. They will tell you that cutting off funding for cities that are trying to work with all of the population to keep the city safe is exactly the wrong thing to do,” Durbin said.

2) The Illinois Trust Act (SB 031) passed from committee, headed to vote in state Senate.  Here is a good explanation of why the Illinois Trust Act protects immigrant communities from the Illinois League of Women Voters.  State Senator Bill Cunningham has not yet co-sponsored this bill.

3) Jeff Sessions threatens Chicago over Sanctuary City status.  

[Federal] money is used for a host of law enforcement activities, ranging from hiring additional police officers to buying police vehicles and other equipment.

If Sessions follows through on his threat to “claw back” existing grants, Chicago stands to lose another $3.5 million-to-$4 million in “existing DOJ grants that have yet to be fully expended,” according to Molly Poppe, a spokesperson for the city’s Office of Budget and Management.

4) Chicago City Council approves Municipal ID to protect undocumented immigrants.  From the Chicago Tribune:  “Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to create a municipal identification card for people living here illegally and others sailed through the City Council on Wednesday, but not before a handful of aldermen voiced displeasure with the idea.  Emanuel, who sees the ID as a way to show he’s standing up to the federal government and President Donald Trump’s promise to crack down on people living in the U.S. illegally, spoke in favor of the plan during the 40 minutes of debate that preceded the 44-4 vote.”

5) Show your support for immigrants, post a picture of a monarch butterfly in your window.  MB4

From WTTW: “Displayed on the doors and windows of businesses along 47th Street and Ashland Avenue, including hair salons, jewelry stores, restaurants and even a financial technology company, the 8 x 11 signs read “We Support Immigrants” and “We Know Our Rights.” On the back are tips for dealing with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and phone numbers for immigration attorneys.”

6) Hate Has No Home Here Lawn Signs spreading in Beverly/Morgan Park. 

Shared by the Hollywood North Park Community Association.  Click Here to download your lawn sign (PDF).