Local Activism Weekly Round-up, April 28

By Mirjam Quinn.

1. Get informed!

I, like most people, felt pretty overwhelmed, uninformed, and generally confused about the many complexities involved in the building tensions with North Korea. I found the article linked below to be useful in helping me sort out at least some of the multiple issues and old conflicts involved:


Um. that tax plan.  Read about it here:


2. Be Powerful! Use Your Voice and your Resources to Make a Difference!

Oh, the ACA. The latest House plan to “Repeal and Replace” includes an amendment drafted by Tom MacArthur, aimed at allowing states to opt out of certain ACA provisions, including the one for Essential Benefits (which requires insurers to provide coverage for maternity care, mental health treatment, and hospital care), the one that prevents insurers from charging elders more than three times the price for health insurance that is charged to younger adults (the new plan sets that ratio at 5:1),  and the one that prevents insurers from charging higher prices to people with pre-existing health conditions (which can include ridiculous things like seasonal allergies). A snarky person might note that being a woman of childbearing age will become especially unaffordable as insurers will be able to deny prenatal care at the same time that providers of free or reduced-cost contraception and prenatal care such as Planned Parenthood is being defunded. Anyway. Please be sure to call your legislators and tell them what you think about this plan.

Um. that budget. We should probably call about that also. I personally am most worried about the cuts to the EPA, Health and Human Services, Education and Justice (who hates justice???) but take a look at this breakdown, figure out what you’re most concerned with, and consider calling your legislators and telling them where you’d like your tax dollars to go:


P.s. the most recent report released estimates that the wall would cost $70 billion per year to build, and $15 million per year to maintain. That’s a lot of textbooks.

Consider writing Judge William Orrick and thanking him for sticking up for sanctuary cities. His address is: San Francisco Courthouse
450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102

Find your senators here:

and your state reps here:

3. Get connected!

This weekend is the Compassion Experience at MVCC in Palos. It’s an interactive experience that teaches about global poverty. You can sign up here:


Our very own Beverly Art Center is hosting the exhibit A Constant Struggle in the upstairs art gallery.  I went last Sunday and can only say that words and pictures do not do it justice. This is a powerfully moving meditation on race and racism in the U.S., from antebellum times to now, and the incredible violence that we have inflicted upon the black community. There are pieces that are unflinchingly, heartstoppingly brutal. There are pieces that are full of grace and beauty. But all of them are important and we are blessed to have this show in our community. Bring the kids. These are conversations that we all need to have.

4. Take care of yourself!

Think of a person who makes you feel grounded and calm – the kind of person who makes you be a better frog, as it were, and meet up with them, just for an hour. Leave your devices in the car. Don’t talk about politics, just for that hour. Just be with each other. Ask each other weird and random questions. Here is a good starter that I always recommend to the couples that I work with: